Dholera Special Investment Region (Dholera SIR)

Dholera SIR is an infrastructure development initiative that aims to transform Dholera into a major manufacturing hub. It will urbanize the city with cutting-edge facilities and make it the top choice in India for businesses and multinational corporations. It offers world-class infrastructure and amenities for an opulent lifestyle to improve people's quality of life. Dholera, the state where Prime Minister Narendra Modi was born, is a connected smart city that symbolizes India's future. Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) is a Greenfield industrial development located 100 kilometres southwest of Ahmedabad. It has an area of 920 sq km and will be finished in 20 years. Property is available for allotment in the development area of less than 22 sq km. By 2019, the 5,600-acre immediate city development area is expected to be operational with first-rate infrastructure and a self-contained eco-system, with industry serving as the primary economic engine. The city will provide prospects for the establishment of manufacturing facilities. while simultaneously attempting to offer a workspace. Learn, Play, and Live. Future Indian settlements will look at Dholera SIR as a model.

Why Investment in Dholera Smart City

Advantage of investment in Dholera SIR

1. Price appreciation: Since Dholera's development will continue until 2040, the potential for price growth is quite.
2.Rental Income: There will be a large demand for residential properties as a result of the high employment creation, allowing the owner of the site to command a good rent.
3. Job/Business prospects: Dholera, the largest emerging smart city in India, will provide several prospects for job/business seekers.
4.High Quality of Life: The Dholera Smart City uses the novel live-work-play idea to ensure that quality of life is similar.
5.The birth of a new city with excellent connectivity is here. This is a major USP of Dholera Smart City. Let's start a brand-new age. Investment in Dholera SIR has benefits.


Dholera Investment Benefits

Benefits of Residential Zone:
  • Cinema Hall, Shopping Centre, Petrol/CNG/LPG Pump, Bank, Hospital

  • Neighbourhood Retail / Service, Restaurant / Cafe, Hawker Zone

  • Designated Vegetable Market / Bazaar, Commercial Centre, Primary and Secondary School

  • Multi-story apartments, including groups of them; Row houses, villas or bungalows, and multipurpose grounds under 5 hectares;

  • Maternity homes, nursing homes, schools, Day care facilities, pharmacies, and health facilities


Dholera Tender

Projects Under Progress:
  • Power Transmission & Sub Stations – 86 Crores

  • Roads & Services – 1734 Crores

  • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) – 54 Crores

  • Water Treatment Plant (WTP) – 90 Crores

  • Adhiya River Bunding – 15 Crores

  • Administrative and Business Center for Dholera(ABCD) – 73 Crores

  • Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CEPT) – 160 Crores

  • Pipli – Dholera Water Supply Pipeline – 29 Crores

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